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Vico is dead. Long live Vico.

During the last months, development on Vico has mostly stalled. This is frustrating for many users, and for me, as I no longer can spend as much time on Vico as I'd like. My plans for Vico is grander than that.

Therefore I'm releasing the source code on github and encourage the community to contribute and help build a truly kick-ass editor.

Vico will be removed from the App Store. Being there in the first place has been problematic, and the sandboxing requirement makes it finally incompatible. A new build is available on the download page without any trial restrictions.

If you want to get involved with Vico, drop a note on the mailing list.


Very exciting news, martin. Thank you for contributing Vico to the community, that's a very classy move. Now let's see how awesome we can make it. :)

This is very wise decision, Martin. Thank you for all time and effort you've put up until now, it's been amazing.

Cool, I hope it will bring improvements. I switched to vim for some required features, like vertical edition.

@Martin not enough of us, paying customers to make it worth your while? :D No matter, you're kick ass for admitting it; and even more kick ass for releasing it into the community.

I'd like to see a blog post that tells the whole story from the beginning though. Will be very interesting from entrepreneurial perspective.

Pretty please.

Are you going to scrape unfinished tickets into Github issues? I think that should be done. I can help. :)

Cool cool cool.

Looking forward to see where development heads on from here.

Nice app! - sorry it didn't work out for you commercially. Thanks for sharing it with the community!

Very classy move. Thanks.

+1 for godDLLs suggestion.

This is amazing news! Kudos for doing the right thing for a project that isn't working for you anymore. (BTW, you should definitely setup a donation account with Paypal, I think a lot of people - myself included - will be glad to send some money your way.)

Nice! I heard about it a few months ago and forgot it because it was proprietary... And today I was looking for a text editor with vi-like keybindings and remembered Vico. Installed it, and so far I'm loving it. I'm very glad you made this editor and I hope you the best with this project.

Correct Download page link DMG direct link :

@pari, thanks, fixed


Martin, you've impressed the hell outta me.

Just plain cool! You've made a great decision. Long live the Vico editor.

@David Ditto. Even though I paid for it originally. Would be happy to kick in a few dollars now and then to keep the development going.

Thanks! I've been using vico exclusively for months now. Glad its not going to die.

This is great news, except I just paid $40 for it on the App Store not even 4 days ago. Ouch.

I love Vico, for exactly the reasons it was built. Glad that I contributed a measly $40 while it was still possible!

Great news! I have been a fan of Vico. It is not quite there yet as my favorite editor. A tie between Vico and TextMate still. Vico has great potentially though since I couples together a number of great ideas IMHO. I will definitely consider contributing to this.

This must have been a hard decision, but what a classy move! As someone who purchased Vico, I'd noticed that releases were few, and figured you didn't have the time to work on it. So glad you didn't keep it abandonware, and are instead opening the source. +1 on adding a donation link.

I do not regret paying the 40 dollars for this app one bit. I'm glad I could at least give you something, Martin. I really like to support people hacking on things they love, that are truly innovative. The fact that you open sourced it makes me all the more pleased!

What are the changes in the newest build since the last app store release?

you could find a way to have people donate ongoing... make the donate button quite prominent and mention that your efforts extending this depends on donations (to a degree).

or start a project on kickstarter and collect donations.

or have a dual license commercial / open source.

ways of getting paid for your effort...

The changes in build r3132 are:

  • Fixed a crash when using ctags over SFTP.
  • Fixed a crash when creating new files over SFTP.
  • Make line highlight centered vertically around the cursor.
  • Fixed stability issue when closing windows.
  • Require UUID in bundle items, allows loading incomplete bundles.

Awesome news. Are you going to keep providing official builds on


Martin, this is fantastic. Thanks for creating and sharing this, and may it lead to even greater things ahead.

Martin, this is a very generous move on your part. I purchased Vico when it first came out commercially, and think it is the most promising editor I have used. I'm hoping it will thrive in its new opensource incarnation. It's an impressive piece of work.